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Why mwseq™?

Problems Worth Solving:
1. Musicians Heal Humanity & Should Be Paid
We Know Chance - He Makes $ w/o a Label
3. Nobody Knows Exactly How ... WE DO
4. It's a RECIPE
5. And, FYI, Spotify Doesn't Pay the Artist

What Is mwseq™?

mwseq™ is baking our Secret RECIPE into a digital FRANCHISE that SuperFans™ subscribe to & connect globally with a musician so the Artist makes sustainable MIDDLE INCOME. Artist thereby join the ELITE MIDDLE CLASS of The INDEPENDENT Online "Artrepreneur™."

How Does mwseq™ Work?


How do I become a member?


On the top right corner of there is a button that says Sign Up/Login. After, you can click on Sign Up Here. Fill out your information and then click “Create My Account”. You will then be shown which plan you would like to purchase. Click on the beta test membership plan and you will immediately have access to your Favorite (and every other) ONLINE "INDEPENDENT" ARTIST.


How much does a membership cost?

Currently Beta Test memberships are Free. When we go into full production, $100 per month gets the “SuperFan access to Exclusive CONNECTION EXPERIENCES with their FAVORITE INDEPENDENT ARTIST.

When does my membership expire?

The Free Beta Test membership that was scheduled to expire October 1st, 2017 has been indefinitely extended.

What features do I get from a membership?

As a “SuperFan™, you gain Exclusive CONNECTION EXPERIENCES (e.g., Music, Videos, Live & Digital Concerts, Exclusive VIP/Backstage Pass Perks, Merchandise and all of the other Benefits “SuperFans have told us you've been wanting all along) with your FAVORITE INDEPENDENT ARTIST. There are also artist profiles, interviews, and other great CONNECTION EXPERIENCES with your FAVORITE INDEPENDENT ARTIST. 

As an Artist, your Revenue grows along with your
SuperFan™ following who pays for Exclusive CONNECTION EXPERIENCES with you, their FAVORITE INDEPENDENT ARTIST.

How does the musician make money?

mwseq™ is Paying Artists. FIRST! Spotify refuses to pay Artists. We guarantee artists the opportunity to make ONLINE VIABLE MIDDLE-INCOME on our Exclusive mwseq™ DApp.

How do I change my password?

In the, “Your Account” menu at the top right of the homepage, there is a link under the, “Your Profile” column. The second to last link says, “Change your password”.

How do I update my payment information?

In the, “Your Account” menu there is section in the first column that says Billing. The third link underneath Billing is, “Update credit card”. Once you enter your information, your account will be updated.

How do I cancel my account?

In the “Your Account” menu there is section in the first column that says Billing. The first link underneath Billing is “View plan details”. The account type you have chosen will appear and underneath it you have a link to cancel your subscription.