I'm R. Darryl Thomas, founder of mwseq™. I am a Professional Musician, Professional Technologist and successful serial entrepreneur who possesses earned degrees in Math (BS), Education & Technology (MS) and the equivalent in coursework of a Music Degree (minor in Classical Piano). 

The mwseq™ App introduces the Independent New mwseq™ Industry (i.e., "INmI"; think: Chance The Rapper) to the Mainstream, leveraging our proprietary Dig ital & So cial Me dia Music Marketing (Dig SoMe™) Algorithm hack to connect Millions of hardcore loyal paying Fans ("SuperFans") with their online Favorite Independent Artists ("Indie" Artrepreneurs™) so Artrepreneurs™ Monetize Digital Content as illustrated in this (CLICK HERE) February 2017 BRAVO Magazine Cover Feature, p28.

SuperFans (SF) pay for the digital content of the Artrepreneur™. Apply Predictive Big Data Analytic driven Dig SoMe™ multiplied by Quantum Encryption Piracy Control Tech (PC) content protection; then, by a splash of Blockchain Tech (BC), securing payment; and, finally, by some rapidly emerging Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML). And now you've got a Delicious Recipe for SuperFans to connect with & Sustain-ably Pay their Favorite Artrepreneur.

INmI™ = SF x Data Analytic Driven Dig SoMe™ x PC x BC x AI Artist $


Independent New mwseq™ Industry (INmI™) LEXICON

mwseq™ - (pronounced “music”) the INmI™ is so different that we don’t even spell mwseq™ the same old way
Dig SoMe™ - (pronounced “Dig Some”) Digital/Social Media Music Marketing
INmI™ - (pronounced “In My”) short for Independent New
mwseq™ Industry
omi™ - (pronounced “owe me” or "oh my!") short for old music industry

For Example:
Artrepreneurs™ say "I 'Dig Some' (Dig SoMe™) money 'In My' (INmI™) pockets" not "you 'owe me' (omi™) money."
SuperFans™ say
"I 'Dig Some' (Dig SoMe™) mwseq™ 'In My' (INmI™) soul" not "you 'owe me' (omi™) better music."
say "I 'Dig Some' (Dig SoMe™) ROI 'In My' (INmI™) balance sheet not "you 'owe me' (omi™) profit."
say "I 'Dig Some' (Dig SoMe™)) customers 'In My' (INmI™) store" not 'oh my!' (omi™) no customers!"

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